Free Website Speed Audit

Is your WordPress Site Slow?

There are many reasons why a site might be slow. It isn’t usually just a single issue but a combination of factors that cause any page to load slowly.

This is why a thorough speed audit is crucial in teasing out the bottle-necks that stop a site from loading as quickly as possible.

Free Website Speed Audit

Slow websites lose visitors fast!

Common problem areas:

  • web hosting server speed
  • lack of or improper use of cacheing
  • image size
  • poorly written code
  • strange esoteric wierdness

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Have you ever waited 2 or 3 seconds for someone’s website to load? Me neither.
I click the back button if a site takes too long to load and so does everyone else.

If your site is loading, loading, loading then there’s a good chance visitors are not even sticking around to see your beautiful homepage!

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