Free Website Security Audit

Website Security is Important

If your WordPress powered site has not been updated in a while, there is a chance that it has a security vulnerability.

What that means for you is that your site could go down or worse!

Free Website Security Audit scanI recently helped someone whose site hadn’t been updated in about three months.

Due to a malicious script suddenly the search results for this site contained loads of horrible words that no business wants to be associated with.

It cost this client not only money but a lot of embarrassment and frustration as well. The worst part is that it was easily preventable!

Regular updates will virtually eliminate the risk of infection, but if you haven’t updated in a few months a thorough site check is necessary to make sure no infected files are present.

Make sure your site is secure

In order to prevent anyone else from having to deal with an ordeal like that described above, I’ve decided to offer this free website security audit. Please view the list below to see if your website qualifies:

If your site is a WordPress website and you are able to login to your site, please submit the form below: